The Musical

Keith Ferguson & Bruce Greer have created a new musical adaptation of Charles Dickens' 1843 Novella that is faithful to Dickens' plot and prose, while highlighting both the spiritual and social themes woven throughout this Christmas classic. The score has many original songs written in a traditional musical theater style, while also carefully integrating familiar carols and songs of Christmas that audiences will recognize and respond to with joy. The vocal writing is accessible and practical, allowing both professional and amateur groups to have great success performing the score. The outstanding orchestration is colorful and rich, helping to tell the story and create the mood throughout the 1 hour and 45 minute show.

Synopsis of Scenes and Musical Numbers

PROLOGUE - Christmas Eve, 1843, 3:00 pm, Streets of London

    Overture - Orchestra
    Sing a Christmas Carol with God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
      - Chorus, Scrooge
SCENE 1 - Christmas Eve, late afternoon, Scrooge's Office

    God Bless Christmas/A Family Christmas with Here We Come-a-Caroling
      - Fred, Scrooge, Bob, Orphan Boy, Orphan Girl
SCENE 2 - Christmas Eve Night, Scrooge's Bedroom

    This Chain - Jacob Marley
SCENE 3 - Christmas Past - A Schoolroom, Fezziwig's, Scrooge's Office, Belle's Home

    A Family Christmas - Reprise - Fan, Boy Scrooge
    Christmas Eve at Fezziwig's with Deck the Halls
      - Mr. Fezziwig, Mrs. Fezziwig, Chorus, Housemaid, Cook, Baker, Milkman, Young Woman, Dick Wilkins, Young Scrooge
    You Once Were - Belle
SCENE 4 - Christmas Present - Scrooge's Bedroom, Streets of London, a Church, Cratchit Home, Fred's Home

    Merry Christmas Morning - Ghost of Christmas Present, Chorus
    O Come, All Ye Faithful with The First Noel and Good Christian Men, Rejoice - Chorus, Scrooge
    As We Remember - The Cratchit Family
    On Christmas Night - Medley of English Carols - Fred, Virginia, Party Guests
    God Bless Christmas - Reprise - Fred, Virginia
SCENE 5 - Christmas Future - Streets of London, Cratchit Home, A Graveyard

    Better Off Dead - Charwoman, Laundress, Gravedigger, Old Joe
    As We Remember - Reprise - Bob
    Ebenezer Scrooge - Orchestra Underscore
SCENE 6 - Christmas Day - Scrooge's Bedroom, Streets of London, Fred's House

    On My Knees - Scrooge Christmas Morning Medley - Scrooge, Chorus, Fred, Virginia
EPILOGUE - December 26, 1843, Scrooge's Office, Streets of London

    God Bless Us, Everyone - Tiny Tim, Bob, Scrooge, Fred, Virginia, Company
    Curtain Call with Sing a Christmas Carol and Joy to the World! - Company


Woodwind 1- Piccolo
Flute 1

Woodwind 2- Flute 2
Oboe/English Horn

Woodwind 3- Bb Clarinet (1)

Woodwind 4- Bb Clarinet (2)
Bass Clarinet

1 Trumpet
1 French Horn
1 Trombone

Violin 1&2
Arco Bass

Percussion - 2-3 players (no drum set)


In addition to the orchestration, an accompaniment track, featuring a fully acoustic professional orchestra, and all sound effects required for the show, is also available.

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